Rob Edwards

After departing the Navy and attending horseshoeing school in 1977, Rob returned to California and took up residence in Georgetown. As a result of his farrier practice Rob starting having back problems. In 1987 his chiropractor, Keith Harston, suggested he take up yoga. Rob didn't like that much at first because there were all girls in the class and he was real awkward. Keith said he didn't care about that and that Rob had to cowboy up and keep at it. So he did...

Soon Rob could get out of bed in the morning and walk upright into the bathroom, relatively pain free...what a novel concept! At the same time, many body parts stopped hurting. And, best of all, his horse didn't have a sore back anymore 'cuz Rob didn't have a sore back anymore.

Rob had started taking yoga classes from Jody Hughes in Garden Valley; then with Michael Shaw, Susan O'Farrell, Susan Whitaker and Christa Robertson. With the original intent of simply enhancing his own practice, Rob enrolled in Susan Whitaker's six month Yoga Teacher Training Class. After graduating and realizing that the necessary post-graduate work was teaching, Rob hung out a shingle with partner Christa. And now Rob continues to learn more wondrous things about yoga from his own special group of students.

Meanwhile, he has attended numerous yoga workshops, clinics and retreats including a recent week long intensive with Rod Stryker at Kripalu and a Yoga Wall intensive with Bryan Legere.

Karen Bard

Karen's personal Yoga journey has allowed her to experience physical healing, emotional growth and inner peace. This transformation inspired her to deepen her knowledge and complete the Yoga Teacher certification program at The Yoga Company in San Ramon, California. Karen leads the Yoga practitioner through Pranayama (regulated breathing and concentration) gentle Asana (poses) focusing on alignment and breath, as well as personal exploration both on and off of the mat. Experience her nurturing spirit and unique style.

Along with her fiance' and daughter, Karen relocated to Cool in the spring of 2006 and they couldn't be happier. In addition to the study of Yoga, Karen enjoys animals, cooking, music, art, reading, gardening and good friends.

Lynette Masztakowski

For many years Lynette attempted to practice yoga on a regular basis.  Then, about 10 years ago when a yoga studio opened close to her home in Michigan, she took the plunge and began practicing consistently.  While yoga has helped her gain strength and flexibility, she is most grateful for the way it helps calm her and ease her arthritis. 

In 2004, after moving to Auburn she completed Susan Whitaker’s six month Yoga Teacher Training Course, received her certification and has been teaching ever since.

Lynette loves to read, sew, garden, play golf, walk and spend time with friends and family.  In 2005 Lynette and her husband, Bernie, moved into the home they designed and built in Cool and believe they have found paradise.

Tracy Browne
Tracy began practicing yoga to relieve anxiety while riding her horse in endurance rides. The relaxation and the pranayama (breath control exercises) helped her to mentally overcome her anxiety while riding as well as in many other areas of life. She was a horse hoof trimmer, and like Rob, her back was always sore. The asanas helped to keep her back strong and supple. Though, as she only practiced once a week in class, her back got so sore that she decided to take a month off from trimming and enroll in the intensive Sivananda Yoga Teacher's Training Course at The Yoga Farm Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. After daily yoga practice, her back has healed and she is much more relaxed (physically and emotionally) and fluid when riding horses.

With her teacher training complete, The Yoga Place asked Tracy to consider teaching, which she has agreed to! Tracy teaches in a classical yoga style synthesized by Swami Sivananda. It is a very traditional, meditative, relaxing method that allows you to find your inner self while practicing. She teaches a beginner and intermediate class.

Previous to Yoga, Tracy worked as a horse hoof trimmer and spent a lot of time in school, acquiring two masters degrees from the University of California, Davis, as well as a teaching credential. Her main hobbies include horse trail riding, playing with dogs, permaculture, sustainable living, and gardening.
































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