We warmly invite you to lead your own retreat at The Yoga Place, located in historic Georgetown, California. The setting includes the serenity of the forest, the amenities of two fully-supplied yoga studios, accommodations tailored to your needs, and meals. You and your students can relax and enjoy your practice in the secluded and spectacular Sierra foothills, at the three thousand foot level, located just a few hours by car from the San Francisco Bay area and less than an hour from Sacramento.

The studios measure a little over 500 and 550 square feet. There are several options available for sleeping arrangements within the facility itself in addition to ten forested, landscaped acres for camping. One private bedroom with a bathroom is included for the instructor(s). There are also four motels in Georgetown within walking distance and facilities available at the VFW park across the street. We also have a large yurt for dormitory accommodations. You and your guests are welcome to enjoy all the amenities at our facility, including the hot tub and steam room.

The weekend rental rate for use of the facility from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening is $1200. Dormitory-style accommodations are available for participants at a rate of $35 per night person while camping is $15 per night. We also offer meals to suit your needs throughout the weekend at $650 for groups up to 12 people and $50 for each additional person. Or, you can use our spacious kitchen to provide your own meals.

Please call Rob for more information at 530-333-2625.
















































































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The Yoga Place

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